Friday, 12 June 2009

Get Ready! This Will Be A Bumpy Ride!

Well i will start of with arena 1st.

Deadlymilk is at 1117+ rating, in the past couple of days we have won 3 and lost 9. Its been a bad few days for arena. the past few days we have faced, desto warlock and priest, priest and feral druid.

now desto locks are insane, they do high damage and if you leave them alone they will do about 12k-15k damage in 3-7 secs, me and ork didn't know this and we lost to it (i got insta-nuked)

now..... if you was online on Thursday night, you had the fun of watching me RAGE. we faced a priest and feral druid. I had no way to stop the druid, i COI him the the priest dispelled it, if i got him to low health, he would maul me, cyclone me and go to his healer and get healed. he was on ork like he wanted anal sex, he ran faster than me, feral druids are something retarded.

Well the kids gloves are off, I'm not keyboard turning anymore, ITS RAPE TIME! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPE!

Oh... on other news Chemp has got 2 more shards, only 22 more to go... lol

-High War Lord Chemp

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Dude? Where's my mimiron?

So i was think about should i stay or should i go, all though the weekend, it came to Sunday and i decided that i am staying in XII until Slim kicks me out.

we killed (or set him free) THE FEARED AND DEADLY MIMIRON!!! (pre-nerf). The items that dropped where: shammy teir 8.5 gloves, pally teir8.5 gloves and the +108 intell trinket. The trinket was up first and i had to pass on it for teir8.5 gloves to get the 4 set bonus. So now i will pass on all teir drops untill all of the guild has them.... then i will up-grade my shoulders and legs (both only being teir 8, i don't need chest).

Today i got a car battery and started to fix up my car so i can learn to drive :D. alot of work to be done but its a thing i need, SO I CAN FREE! FLYING THE HIGH SKY AND RUNNING FREE!

Also today i got a weapon for deadlymilk, though ATM i don't feel to good getting the item as pyure's alt won the roll for it but the loot had bugged and i could not give it to him (and he didn't get a badge either, thanks fail blizzard).

hopefully tomorrow drops more shards and we get to kill general! i wanna pwn some yogg-saron ( and shut sara up)

-High War Lord Chemp (made with 20% more win)