Saturday, 30 May 2009

Chemp has Enraged!

Well for the past couple of days have been annoying for me. Lets start at the beinging

Thursday night:
After a good raid night, i have the feeling i wanted to do pvp with Chemp again, so i put on my gear and went and hit the training dummys (to test dps with recount) but after a while gchat went something like this.

[Placebo]: Chemp checked out the new shammy, so it is ok.
[théo]: Chemp is crap
[théo]: his spec is crap
[théo]: his gear is crap

If anyone know me when i was in BloodHawks When i started to kara with them i was ele/resto spec and i got told to become a healer and i had to grind all my gear from nothing , so I'm highly defence about my gear. and once somebody said my gear was crap and i had a go at them. After that they did not talk to me after it until i left the guild.

So I'm there, pissed off, annoyed and i typed /gqu out of rage but i was able to stop myself. I think théo meant it as a joke but typing 5 lines of crap about me isn't a joke, its called being a twat.

I calm myself down and apologise and the night goes on

Friday 12:oo am:
I went online at work to check the forums. "there is new post for the new shammy". i check them, what do i find? 3-4 paragraphs of theory crafting and crap. what pissed me off was that ulu quoited my post and put i line though it.

So I'm annoyed once again i so started to type a reply to ulu's post and i see "Someone has posted a new reply when you where typing". I check it and it said something like

"welcome fellow Adam :D, this guy must have taste , same class, same spec and same name :D
and don't lision the the nub with improved ghost wolf in his spec" by drpidge

Ouch... Fucking betrayed and i say to myself "That's it, I'm leaving xii"

5 Min's later Drpidge deletes the bottom line offending me but its to late, Ive seen it. So i type something back saying that i have seen Drpidge line about me.

So i get online and bring this into Gchat , some how drpidge think apologising is by deleting the bottom line.. ok logic is falling here (in the end placebo told drpidge to remove it after what happened last night but a little to late) so Drpidge apologises in Gchat. so thats that

Friday night: no idea about the time.

I got invited for a nearly complete naxx run and I'm tanking on deadlymilk.

So we do 4horsemen.

1st try failed! 2nd try failed! 3rd try failed ! so Deweg says we cant do it, its hard when the pally tanks aggro's both bosses and Ive blown both taunts trying to get the boss to attack me. So deweg demotes deadlymilk to inactive 'cause I'm a shit tank' so i press Gquit and log out, after 30 secs i log back on and join the guild again and talk to slim for a bit about what happened and random stuff.

At this moment I'm not sure about xii, the attitude of the guild is getting worse by the day and I'm starting not to like it here, what ever i do will depend on the next few days.... so lets see what will happen