Monday, 21 July 2014

Undusting old relics

Wow, I just came across this old blog looking for a place to dump art works and other shit

Well a update

I dont play WOW anymore. I have been playing the thing on and off since Cata and stop just before the org raid in MoP

I stopped raiding after the 1st Cata raids, I was in EAS with some old friends from XII and Blizzard completely fucked over the shaman class and I was kicked from the raiding group by a druid named deweg. I got my revenge back by flooding the Gbank with stacks of water (I'm sure that most peoples bags where full of crap with arch finds and other stuff) and sent him a dress then called him a bitch

I have been playing on and off since then. Played some D3 and that was crap (Always online? Why?)

I will not be coming back to WOW (thats what we all say)

BUT I will never regret the time I spent on WOW.
I have meet many great people,
I have meet many horrible people,
I have had great adventures and times where I have hated it
But to my friends of old!
A drink to you and the memories we have made!

Monday, 14 November 2011

And we are back... again

Hello... again

It's chemp here. sorry for the long absence but im a lazy bastard (well that's my excuse) so lets start from the beinging

Hi my name is Lee Chemp Sharpe. I am a 20 something lazy man based in the Uk somewhere.

my hobby's are:
video games
reading books/manga
watching moves and anime
muay thai kick boxing

I did play World of warcraft awhile back but i quit (more about that later)

more to come later (i wanna play dark souls)

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Some random witty Title that means nothing about my post

Hi I'm back again because I've been a lazy fuck and haven't updated by blog in ages so here we go.

~~~~~~ARENA NEWS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Deadlymilk has been retired.. Why? cause DK are the most boring class to play. all it is is spamming 5 buttons and shouting "I'M FUCKING PRO LOLOLOLOL" and when shit hits the fan? POP ALL DEFENSIVE CD AND GET FUCK ALL DAMAGE!

So Chemp is my main pvp'er ATM (Glass cannon FTW). I'm not sure about next season, i might go either Rogue, enha shammy or Warrior
(who knows... if you do email me at

~~~~~~~~~~~~XII NEWS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We have lost 2 good men , Sajuuk and Ulukai (god be with you!)

I have also given up on the mace, shit drop rates and summer fucked me over (thanks summer and blizzard). about 3 people on the server have it and with the next patch and EOC dropping from heroics, Ulduar becomes a fail boat of nerfed bosses and bugs.

I have killed yoggy in 10 man (shit was so cash) all i did phase 3 was shoot chain heals out of my arse and pray to god for the ugly fucking thing to die.

The 1st time i saw him i was "OH GOD! THE FUCK IS THAT! WHY DOES IT HAVE TEETH FOR EYES???" and procced to puke on the floor and cry....


I've been playing monster hunter 3 for the psp. Its a good game and its more skill>gear (unlike wow). i've faced Khezu twice and my psp fucking died before i got to killing him but when i killed him, i was happy has a rogue with twin warglaves (another dream lol) and with his death i got to upgrade my duel daggers!

I've watched bruno and i need to drink after to get rid of some of the images in my head. Its a funny film but my god .... IT HAD SPINNING MAN COCK ON IT! *pukes*

anything else to add? no? OK... see you later bros!

-High Warlord Chemp (still failing hard and fast)

Saturday, 11 July 2009

the never ending wheel turns forever

Well, welcome back once more, lets get started

Chemp news:
I've been 10man hardmodes with XII for the past week
here is what i have done
  1. 3 towers up FL
  2. 4 minute ignis
  3. heartbreaker! (xt hard mode)
  4. killing steelbreaker last (dwewg got the disk)
  5. Hodir hardmode

I am most happy about is getting the Bis sheild

Its fun doing hardmode but also drains alot out of you

I also got duel spec for chemp, now im resto/enha, i did a bit of pvp with chemp as enha and all i can say is that enha is a glass cannon class, if spirit wolfs or enrage is on cd , your dead, end off. i did up all of my enha gear with

Rwar is a program that uses your armory to look at your gear and shows you upgrades and what gems to use and what talents are better for damage ect. so i sorted out my bank of gear and i am using the best gear atm (2550 dps in naxx gear :P)

Jacque news:

Jacque is my rogue (lvl25 atm) , im having alot of fun with the rogue class, its being smart aswell as deadly. so last night i was bored and started to troll trade and got invited to a guild called "fish and chips"

we ran a couple of SFK for gear and crap (i got the ring from the quest there :D) and i left forsome else to get gear, being in 2x heirloom daggers and heirloom shoulders means no gear upgrades, so i left and went to watch some FLCL and drink more :P

Chemporium empire news:

I have not seen ork in a couple of days so arena has not been progressing at all (RL>WOW). I have been cleaning my car up for it to go get its MOT but i need new seals for the car windows as mold as got into them and started to eat the metal work under them, so scrap yard here i come.

cali got hacked (madface here), the hacker got him at 5:45am and tried to steal 100 crystals, 3 orbs and a titan steal bar but blizzard acted fast and ban cali before he could get to the mail box (whoop blizzard did something right), so he's got his account back and safe proofed it now

Gowron, sad news, he is leaving XII fully (and why did my Itunes just started to play snuff right now?). When i joined XII Gowron was GM of XII while slim was on holiday and invited me to the guild, so GOOD LUCK GOWRON! IN WHAT EVER STUFF YOU DO!

- High War Lord Chemp

Friday, 12 June 2009

Get Ready! This Will Be A Bumpy Ride!

Well i will start of with arena 1st.

Deadlymilk is at 1117+ rating, in the past couple of days we have won 3 and lost 9. Its been a bad few days for arena. the past few days we have faced, desto warlock and priest, priest and feral druid.

now desto locks are insane, they do high damage and if you leave them alone they will do about 12k-15k damage in 3-7 secs, me and ork didn't know this and we lost to it (i got insta-nuked)

now..... if you was online on Thursday night, you had the fun of watching me RAGE. we faced a priest and feral druid. I had no way to stop the druid, i COI him the the priest dispelled it, if i got him to low health, he would maul me, cyclone me and go to his healer and get healed. he was on ork like he wanted anal sex, he ran faster than me, feral druids are something retarded.

Well the kids gloves are off, I'm not keyboard turning anymore, ITS RAPE TIME! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPE!

Oh... on other news Chemp has got 2 more shards, only 22 more to go... lol

-High War Lord Chemp

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Dude? Where's my mimiron?

So i was think about should i stay or should i go, all though the weekend, it came to Sunday and i decided that i am staying in XII until Slim kicks me out.

we killed (or set him free) THE FEARED AND DEADLY MIMIRON!!! (pre-nerf). The items that dropped where: shammy teir 8.5 gloves, pally teir8.5 gloves and the +108 intell trinket. The trinket was up first and i had to pass on it for teir8.5 gloves to get the 4 set bonus. So now i will pass on all teir drops untill all of the guild has them.... then i will up-grade my shoulders and legs (both only being teir 8, i don't need chest).

Today i got a car battery and started to fix up my car so i can learn to drive :D. alot of work to be done but its a thing i need, SO I CAN FREE! FLYING THE HIGH SKY AND RUNNING FREE!

Also today i got a weapon for deadlymilk, though ATM i don't feel to good getting the item as pyure's alt won the roll for it but the loot had bugged and i could not give it to him (and he didn't get a badge either, thanks fail blizzard).

hopefully tomorrow drops more shards and we get to kill general! i wanna pwn some yogg-saron ( and shut sara up)

-High War Lord Chemp (made with 20% more win)

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Chemp has Enraged!

Well for the past couple of days have been annoying for me. Lets start at the beinging

Thursday night:
After a good raid night, i have the feeling i wanted to do pvp with Chemp again, so i put on my gear and went and hit the training dummys (to test dps with recount) but after a while gchat went something like this.

[Placebo]: Chemp checked out the new shammy, so it is ok.
[théo]: Chemp is crap
[théo]: his spec is crap
[théo]: his gear is crap

If anyone know me when i was in BloodHawks When i started to kara with them i was ele/resto spec and i got told to become a healer and i had to grind all my gear from nothing , so I'm highly defence about my gear. and once somebody said my gear was crap and i had a go at them. After that they did not talk to me after it until i left the guild.

So I'm there, pissed off, annoyed and i typed /gqu out of rage but i was able to stop myself. I think théo meant it as a joke but typing 5 lines of crap about me isn't a joke, its called being a twat.

I calm myself down and apologise and the night goes on

Friday 12:oo am:
I went online at work to check the forums. "there is new post for the new shammy". i check them, what do i find? 3-4 paragraphs of theory crafting and crap. what pissed me off was that ulu quoited my post and put i line though it.

So I'm annoyed once again i so started to type a reply to ulu's post and i see "Someone has posted a new reply when you where typing". I check it and it said something like

"welcome fellow Adam :D, this guy must have taste , same class, same spec and same name :D
and don't lision the the nub with improved ghost wolf in his spec" by drpidge

Ouch... Fucking betrayed and i say to myself "That's it, I'm leaving xii"

5 Min's later Drpidge deletes the bottom line offending me but its to late, Ive seen it. So i type something back saying that i have seen Drpidge line about me.

So i get online and bring this into Gchat , some how drpidge think apologising is by deleting the bottom line.. ok logic is falling here (in the end placebo told drpidge to remove it after what happened last night but a little to late) so Drpidge apologises in Gchat. so thats that

Friday night: no idea about the time.

I got invited for a nearly complete naxx run and I'm tanking on deadlymilk.

So we do 4horsemen.

1st try failed! 2nd try failed! 3rd try failed ! so Deweg says we cant do it, its hard when the pally tanks aggro's both bosses and Ive blown both taunts trying to get the boss to attack me. So deweg demotes deadlymilk to inactive 'cause I'm a shit tank' so i press Gquit and log out, after 30 secs i log back on and join the guild again and talk to slim for a bit about what happened and random stuff.

At this moment I'm not sure about xii, the attitude of the guild is getting worse by the day and I'm starting not to like it here, what ever i do will depend on the next few days.... so lets see what will happen