Thursday, 29 January 2009

A New beginning

So here it is... a blog... about me?...Well better get started.

Hello my name is Chemp.
I'm a lvl 80 cow shammy on the Backwater server called Ghostlands.
Where the alliance are kids and so are the horde and where trade gets used like a towel at an orgy.. covered in every ones 'essence' and thrown to the side .... nasty

I am currently in the Horde guild called XII (pronounced 12). After so many months i have become one of the last resto shammys in my guild (drpige bening one, but he hardly raids).

I currently have some alts kicking around the place, Deadly Milk being my pvp Dk in a 2vs2 team with Healishna. The team is going well at the moment but Cleave teams are a pain in the tits when a mage is hitting you for 8k with AB and your healer can do shit to save you.

Also another alt is Bleedmore, bleedmore is my 1st alt that i made but i left him a lvl20 for ages since he was boring to lvl but i lvl'ed him to lvl59 in the past couple of months, warriors got fun somewhere during the patches. I have no idea what i am going to do with him, i would like to get him full tier 6 gear and duel warglaves. A symbol of the old days!

On chemp at the moment i am collecting shards for the legendary mace, at first the officers said "we will get 100 shards before we get to yogg-saron". Well we have had 1 shard drop in 2 weeks, 100 you say? how about 10, that is more accurate.

well the 1st post comes to an end, the officers will read this and i will be G-kick (maybe :P)

-High War Lord Chemp of The Chemporium Empire!

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