Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Dude? Where's my mimiron?

So i was think about should i stay or should i go, all though the weekend, it came to Sunday and i decided that i am staying in XII until Slim kicks me out.

we killed (or set him free) THE FEARED AND DEADLY MIMIRON!!! (pre-nerf). The items that dropped where: shammy teir 8.5 gloves, pally teir8.5 gloves and the +108 intell trinket. The trinket was up first and i had to pass on it for teir8.5 gloves to get the 4 set bonus. So now i will pass on all teir drops untill all of the guild has them.... then i will up-grade my shoulders and legs (both only being teir 8, i don't need chest).

Today i got a car battery and started to fix up my car so i can learn to drive :D. alot of work to be done but its a thing i need, SO I CAN FREE! FLYING THE HIGH SKY AND RUNNING FREE!

Also today i got a weapon for deadlymilk, though ATM i don't feel to good getting the item as pyure's alt won the roll for it but the loot had bugged and i could not give it to him (and he didn't get a badge either, thanks fail blizzard).

hopefully tomorrow drops more shards and we get to kill general! i wanna pwn some yogg-saron ( and shut sara up)

-High War Lord Chemp (made with 20% more win)

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