Monday, 21 July 2014

Undusting old relics

Wow, I just came across this old blog looking for a place to dump art works and other shit

Well a update

I dont play WOW anymore. I have been playing the thing on and off since Cata and stop just before the org raid in MoP

I stopped raiding after the 1st Cata raids, I was in EAS with some old friends from XII and Blizzard completely fucked over the shaman class and I was kicked from the raiding group by a druid named deweg. I got my revenge back by flooding the Gbank with stacks of water (I'm sure that most peoples bags where full of crap with arch finds and other stuff) and sent him a dress then called him a bitch

I have been playing on and off since then. Played some D3 and that was crap (Always online? Why?)

I will not be coming back to WOW (thats what we all say)

BUT I will never regret the time I spent on WOW.
I have meet many great people,
I have meet many horrible people,
I have had great adventures and times where I have hated it
But to my friends of old!
A drink to you and the memories we have made!

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