Saturday, 11 July 2009

the never ending wheel turns forever

Well, welcome back once more, lets get started

Chemp news:
I've been 10man hardmodes with XII for the past week
here is what i have done
  1. 3 towers up FL
  2. 4 minute ignis
  3. heartbreaker! (xt hard mode)
  4. killing steelbreaker last (dwewg got the disk)
  5. Hodir hardmode

I am most happy about is getting the Bis sheild

Its fun doing hardmode but also drains alot out of you

I also got duel spec for chemp, now im resto/enha, i did a bit of pvp with chemp as enha and all i can say is that enha is a glass cannon class, if spirit wolfs or enrage is on cd , your dead, end off. i did up all of my enha gear with

Rwar is a program that uses your armory to look at your gear and shows you upgrades and what gems to use and what talents are better for damage ect. so i sorted out my bank of gear and i am using the best gear atm (2550 dps in naxx gear :P)

Jacque news:

Jacque is my rogue (lvl25 atm) , im having alot of fun with the rogue class, its being smart aswell as deadly. so last night i was bored and started to troll trade and got invited to a guild called "fish and chips"

we ran a couple of SFK for gear and crap (i got the ring from the quest there :D) and i left forsome else to get gear, being in 2x heirloom daggers and heirloom shoulders means no gear upgrades, so i left and went to watch some FLCL and drink more :P

Chemporium empire news:

I have not seen ork in a couple of days so arena has not been progressing at all (RL>WOW). I have been cleaning my car up for it to go get its MOT but i need new seals for the car windows as mold as got into them and started to eat the metal work under them, so scrap yard here i come.

cali got hacked (madface here), the hacker got him at 5:45am and tried to steal 100 crystals, 3 orbs and a titan steal bar but blizzard acted fast and ban cali before he could get to the mail box (whoop blizzard did something right), so he's got his account back and safe proofed it now

Gowron, sad news, he is leaving XII fully (and why did my Itunes just started to play snuff right now?). When i joined XII Gowron was GM of XII while slim was on holiday and invited me to the guild, so GOOD LUCK GOWRON! IN WHAT EVER STUFF YOU DO!

- High War Lord Chemp

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