Sunday, 2 August 2009

Some random witty Title that means nothing about my post

Hi I'm back again because I've been a lazy fuck and haven't updated by blog in ages so here we go.

~~~~~~ARENA NEWS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Deadlymilk has been retired.. Why? cause DK are the most boring class to play. all it is is spamming 5 buttons and shouting "I'M FUCKING PRO LOLOLOLOL" and when shit hits the fan? POP ALL DEFENSIVE CD AND GET FUCK ALL DAMAGE!

So Chemp is my main pvp'er ATM (Glass cannon FTW). I'm not sure about next season, i might go either Rogue, enha shammy or Warrior
(who knows... if you do email me at

~~~~~~~~~~~~XII NEWS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We have lost 2 good men , Sajuuk and Ulukai (god be with you!)

I have also given up on the mace, shit drop rates and summer fucked me over (thanks summer and blizzard). about 3 people on the server have it and with the next patch and EOC dropping from heroics, Ulduar becomes a fail boat of nerfed bosses and bugs.

I have killed yoggy in 10 man (shit was so cash) all i did phase 3 was shoot chain heals out of my arse and pray to god for the ugly fucking thing to die.

The 1st time i saw him i was "OH GOD! THE FUCK IS THAT! WHY DOES IT HAVE TEETH FOR EYES???" and procced to puke on the floor and cry....


I've been playing monster hunter 3 for the psp. Its a good game and its more skill>gear (unlike wow). i've faced Khezu twice and my psp fucking died before i got to killing him but when i killed him, i was happy has a rogue with twin warglaves (another dream lol) and with his death i got to upgrade my duel daggers!

I've watched bruno and i need to drink after to get rid of some of the images in my head. Its a funny film but my god .... IT HAD SPINNING MAN COCK ON IT! *pukes*

anything else to add? no? OK... see you later bros!

-High Warlord Chemp (still failing hard and fast)

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